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Roof Leaks


     So you have a leak over the manager’s desk or above a million dollar piece of equipment that can’t be moved. You need the leak to stop. You’ve had a roofer in to fix the problem but the leak persists. Why?


     Leaks are tricky and you need someone trained with an investigative mind to locate it. Did you know that the majority of roof leaks don’t come from the actual roof assembly or membrane? Water finds its way into a building through many possibilities and can travel in mysterious ways before showing up to the visible eye. Most times water leaks through accessories, connections, lean-to’s, expansion joints, cracked caulking on metal flashings, metal cladding, air intakes, electrical conduits, HVAC, window sills, doors, brick weepers, etc. and are not visible to the average roofer. Experienced, trained roof technicians concentrate on where water comes into a building.


    Typically, a roofing company will send a crew to find a leak. They perform a basic leak search, and if they are unable to locate it other crews are sent who repeat the same procedures. Many times another roofing firm will be called and they go through the same steps. Quite often a replacement roof will be recommended because the leak cannot be found. Owners have been horrified to discover after the significant cost of installing a new roof that the original problem still exists because the leak was not coming from the roof and was not discovered.

     Loyalist Roofing Services specializes in leak detection. We have highly skilled, professional technicians who go through an intense process of elimination to locate leaks.


     Every roof is different therefore roof problems can be complex. For example, manufacturers who have high heat sources have condensation concerns. The building is always hotter on the inside than on the outside, creating condensation and dripping in the interior. High humidity along with any gaps in the roof insulation creates condensation on the underside of the roof membrane, causing leaks. Buildings with industrial sized freezers have the same type of problem with condensation but they also create gigantic icicles which lead to dangerous problems for forklifts, employees, etc. Schools and malls are also complex as they have a large number of different types of roofs on different levels with differing ages and conditions.

      Many roofs tend to have seasonal leaks; meaning they leak a couple of times per year at the same time every year due to driven rain, snow, or freeze/thaw conditions. Most times these leaks are due to the lack of maintenance.

     Loyalist Roofing Services Limited responds quickly and dispatched trucks are fully equipped to handle any emergency roof repair.

Say Goodbye to Your Roof Leaks
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