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Roof  Investigation Reports

     Most people have no idea what the roof above them looks like. A roofer tells you what is wrong with your roof but you have to take their word for it. That is not the case with Loyalist Roofing Services. Our knowledgeable, trained roof technician will provide a full Roof Investigation Report highlighting problems and explaining them with the help of photos. These reports will help building maintenance personnel, supervisors and owners with authentic, meaningful data to help them decide actions to take with respect to their roofing needs as well as a timeline guide to help make budgeting decisions.

     An Investigative Report is highly recommended for buildings with multiple roofs and for companies with multiple buildings. This report will allow you to keep a record of what work has been done and allow you to budget your present and future repairs and/or replacements. It will put you in control of your roofing needs instead of having others control it for you.

Roof Investigation Reports include:
  • Roof elevations

  • Roof identification

  • Condition of each roof

  • Leak locations and possible water infiltration

  • A repair and replacement priority list

  • Recommendations for further repair

  • Sketches pinpointing individual problems

  • Photos

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