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Bad decisions are made when we panic, which can potentially result in personal injury, property damage or even death.


      Listen for the sounds of creaking wood or other obvious signs that the roof is not structurally sound or stable. There may be a 1000lb HVAC unit just above, and will crush anything in it's path if the stability of the roof is compromised. 

     If such signs are not present, check to make sure the leak is not dripping onto any electrical units or outlets. If you see sparks, call 9-1-1 immediately, and get the fire department on the scene to shut down the power to the area as soon as possible to avoid catastrophic damage to the building, personal injury or worse.  DON'T BE A HERO! First responders are well trained, and much more qualified and equipped to deal with such an emergency. Safety must be your first priority, and it only takes one split-second bad decision to cause an accident, and possibly even kill someone.


     After completion of your safety assessment, only if you are positive and absolutely confident it is safe to do so, locate any containers you can find to catch the water and control the flow. Once the leak is safely concentrated, mop and dry the floor around the containers, and barricade the area. If available, use caution tape as slippery surface hazard signs to warn your staff of the approaching danger. Warn everyone that steps into the building of the location of the hazard area, and set up alternative routes when possible if the leak is located in a high traffic area.


     We cannot stress enough that we don't have to be the company you call in such an emergency. We care much more about the personal safety and well being of you and your staff than gaining a client. Though we would consider it a compliment to have your business, it is ultimately important that you trust the company you call. If we haven't earned your trust quite yet, that is more than okay. Just be sure to follow these crucial steps, and above all, stay safe. 

     If the company you call cannot ensure the safety of the situation, we are but a phone call away. Remember that Loyalist Roofing Services is usually first on the scene, and will respond to an emergency leak call in the dead of winter, on a long weekend, in the middle of the night if needs be (Make no mistake, this has happened in the past) Emergencies don't have the luxury of waiting until morning. In a life threatening situation, regular business hours of operation are simply not a priority, and our 24-hour response team is fully equipped and ready to deal with the problem. 

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