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About Loyalist Roofing Services

       Loyalist Roofing combines extensive field experience with professional techniques to deliver a unique style of locating and fixing leaks. We combine this with an honest, cost effective means of bringing knowledge and understanding to the clients' roof.

   Our employees go through all regulated Ministry safety training as well as an in-house comprehensive training program in the Loyalist Roofing Services specialist field.  


    We offer services for asphalt BUR, MOD BIT, EPDM, PVC, TPO as well as professional installation of roof accessories such as curbs, sleepers, drains, cones, deck supports, etc .


    Whether your industrial or commercial building is leaking; or you require modifications or repairs; or you have had problem after problem and would like some solid, truthful information concerning your roof, Loyalist Roofing Services Limited is the one to call.

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