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Who will you call when the storm comes?

   Many people assume that a roofer should know how to locate leaks. The truth is that most roofers learn how to replace and install new roof systems. This is the extent of their training. So, if a roofer can’t find the leak then who – an inspector? No.


   Inspectors are sent by architects or engineers to ensure that the roof is being installed as planned. Their main concern is to assess visible conditions from a checklist during the roof assembly. They are not trained nor are they able to locate leaks. If a roof is leaking they have to call a roofer.

   The problem is that most roofers don’t know, neither are they trained to properly locate roof leaks.

   It takes a trained, experienced, investigative eye many years to perfect a system of locating roof leaks and complex roof problems. A roof technician is someone who has been a roofer, a foreman, a serviceman and trouble shooter; in short, they are leak investigators. Leak detection requires intense interest and is a talent developed after years of locating leak sources.

    As a rule of thumb – if a company can’t temporarily stop a roof from leaking, their recommendations should not be taken seriously. Loyalist Roofing Services Limited is a company that has been designed solely for servicing roofs. Our focus is not on installing new roofs or replacement roofs. We provide honest, accountable solutions for your problems, and report to you not only the condition of your roof but the most cost effective way to keep the roof over your head worry free. 

    The big money in the roofing industry is in new installations, which is why most companies will try to convince you that your roof is shot, and in need of replacement, which is rarely the case. Preventative maintenance is the key to a dry home or business, as many of the roofs we service are decades past their original installation warranty, but properly maintained and regularly serviced, a roof really has no expiration date. We are not in the business of selling you something new, but saving what is already there. You would be shocked to learn just how many times we've come across newly installed roofing systems that leak much more frequent, and are of far poorer quality than the roof that was originally replaced. Often times, building owners will grow irate when they realize that the company they had previously dealt with, sold them a lemon, not because the building needed a new roof, but because they either lack the ability to locate leaks, or simply wanted the bigger profit. Before you agree to have your roof replaced, why not give us a call?


    We have saved many reputable companies MILLIONS of dollars simply by providing honest advice and accountable solutions. We work with your budget, and at bare minimum can buy you the most valuable and priceless gift of all: time! Again, we are not in the business of lining our pockets with your hard earned money. If we can buy you some much needed time to raise the funds for a new roof, then we will make it our highest priority. Let us get you dry and safe, and we'll go from there. Our small company is not bound by corporate policies, and so we are always willing to be flexible to fit the needs of your budget and schedule.


     Loyalist Roofing Services is a local company, which means we are accountable and reliable. Many corporations have a habit of hiding behind policies and fine print. We, however, are the classic Mom & Pop business. When you call, you are most likely speaking to the owner himself, as we are a small, family oriented company. You can count the amount of our employees on one hand, and that's the way we like it. Small company, big heart! You will never be passed around at a call center or spend ridiculous amounts of time on hold, or grow frustrated with automated telephone systems. When an emergency arises, there is no time for such nonsense. We take your needs seriously, which is why we have a 24 hour response team dispatched and ready to handle anything that comes our way. Within our service trucks, at all times, are the materials and tools to deal with any roof problem, on the spot. When the safety of your employees, staff or family is in jeopardy, there's simply no time to wait for back-ordered materials, and we pride ourselves on anticipating what we need to keep you dry and safe as soon as possible. In an emergency situation, many business owners will call several companies at once, but will commonly find themselves on a waiting list, when Loyalist Roofing Services is always first on the scene, ready for any situation.

    Service is our game, and a long one at that. We'd much rather have your trust as a valued customer than try and sell you an unneeded product. Our business has never been advertisement oriented. Loyalist Roofing Services has been thriving strong for a decade purely on word of mouth, and undeniable results. When you choose our company, rest assured you join a roster of some of the biggest names in the corporate world. Wherever you shop, we've been on the roof; when you're waiting in line at the bank, look up, because we've more than likely serviced the roof above your head; when you fill your gas tank, we've been there, trusted in full confidence with the most sensitive information and dangerous work environments. In the business world, Loyalist Roofing is the last resort. When other roofing companies cannot locate a leak, that's when we step in and do what we do best, provide real solutions and deliver obvious and proven results. 

     Don't forget, we are locally owned, and we believe in the value of community. So you can rest assured that when you choose Loyalist Roofing Services, your hard earned money is not granting some distant CEO the means to buy a bigger yacht or feed a luxury lifestyle. Our profits go right back into the community, which is the key to a thriving economy and brighter future for our beloved Friendly City of Belleville. Our customers are our neighbors, our friends and community, and we have built a reputation in this town for knowing that after we gain your trust, we may be sitting next to you in church, standing behind you in line at the bank, or shaking your hand in the crowd at a local concert. We are a company with a face, and gaining your trust is our goal, and highest compliment.

Proudly Serving Belleville & South Eastern Ontario since 2011
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